Tess Parks + support by The Third Sound, Lido, 10042019

Tess Parks, Lido, 10042019

Visiting the wonderous world of Tess Parks —

It’s a cold Wednesday evening in Berlin. Winter is back for a few days but you’re already out in your Spring jacket because it’s f****** Spring. Your cold isn’t gone as you thought but just moved into the next phase: coughing. If your friend hadn’t had the tickets you would stay in bed but you don’t want to cancel because you did that the last time. So you go. Against the odds -it’s good to be out; to catch up. It’s busy. A lot of people already show up for the opener, The Third Sound. The tequila offers short salvation for your throat. It’s difficult to get into the mood. My friend feels similar. It’s midweek, difficult to switch off and enjoy the frenzy.

We are parked at the bar, the rear end of Lido, when Tess Parks and her band enter the stage. It’s difficult not to be intrigued by this charming creature, by her band, by her performance and her voice. Her amazing voice. A different world opens up in front of your eyes. But you are a mere spectator; not connecting with that world. There are days like that and I have left concerts before but even though I thought leaving, it came down to: Come on, one more song. By the end of the set, I was a fan. very happy to have not left early. It’s her stunning voice that captivates you and draws you further into a different world, into her world, song by song.

A few days later, this feeling still lingers on. ’til the next trip.

The Third Sound, Lido, 10042019

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