These New Puritans + support by SC IN TII at Bi Nuu, 02042019

A quiet Tuesday night at Bi Nuu. The audience filter in through the doors slowly. A nice mixed bunch, but not really that many of them. There are noticebly several Brits here. All seem enthusiastic enough however. Once the haunting sounds of TNP start, everyone is captivated, even those — such as myself — who aren’t so familiar with the new material. It’s a more streamlined set up on stage, with tunes that are more sombre, less aggressive and perhaps less layered than we have become accustomed to from what was once an orchestral band. Yet the music to emerge from this quartet is far from simplistic. The show will surely entice these nimble punters to familiarise themselves with this new record. P. Laviolette

These New Puritans, 02042019, Bi Nuu
SC IN TII, 02042019, Bi Nuu

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